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Announcement Of The Interim Board

Announcement Of The Interim Board

Dear Worldwide Shambhala Community,

We are pleased to announce the eight member Shambhala Interim Board of Directors. These individuals will be seated as of Wednesday, October 17, when they become the official governing board of Shambhala and responsible for the organization’s financial stability and legal structures. With this, all members of the Kalapa Council will officially step down from their former governing board responsibilities, though some of the Kalapa Council members continue in their pillar roles and other capacities.

In our search for an Interim Board, the Transition Task Force encouraged a wide range of applicants, including those of diverse social identities, different geographic locations, as well as students of the Dorje Dradul, Chögyam Trungpa who have not been involved in Shambhala over the past years. While we did not receive applications for the Interim Board that reflected the hoped-for range of diversity, we nevertheless received dozens of nominations from around the world, and 39 final applications for the Board. All of the candidates offered an excellent variety of skills, expertise, and qualities, and we thank each and every person who stepped forward to apply.

We are confident that the group of skilled and qualified leaders we have chosen are excellent representatives of different aspects of our wider Shambhala community, and, most importantly, have the strengths, dedication, and full heartedness to meet current and future challenges during their one-year term. Each person holds a broad range of the skills and qualities we sought, and together, we trust these individuals will form a strong, harmonious, and well-balanced team for the tasks and decisions ahead.

The Shambhala Interim Board of Directors:

  • Veronika Bauer

  • Martina Bouey

  • Mark Blumenfeld

  • John Cobb

  • Jennifer Crow

  • Sara Lewis

  • Susan Ryan

  • Paulina Varas

(Bios and photos can be found at the end of this letter)

We would like to personally thank each member of the new Interim Board for coming forward with bravery and inspiration to be of service to Shambhala. This is a volunteer board; no one will receive remuneration for their time, energy, resourcefulness, and service. We offer our gratitude and deep appreciation for all they bring to this position.

We are also very pleased to announce that Kasung Shastri Andrew Sacamano, member of the Transition Task Force, will be advisor and liaison to the InterimBoard for two months. This is intended to be a supportive bridge between the Task Force and the Interim Board, bringing forward the wealth of information the Task Force received, learned, and discovered in the fulfillment of its duties.

Now that the Interim Board is chosen, the Transition Task Force will turn our focus to the Process Team. We are pleased that we have received 90 applications for the PT, from warriors around the world reflecting more diversity. You will hear more from us about this next task soon. For further information about the qualities and skills we are seeking in the PT members, please see our website. As always, you may continue to contact us at Starting Oct 17, you can contact the Interim Board at

In conclusion, we offer our thanks to you and the community for supporting our work, and know that you will extend your welcome, gratitude, and support to the incoming board.

With gratitude and appreciation,

Ani Pema Chödrön, Acharya
Arawana Hayashi, Acharya
Charlene Leung, Acharya
Suzann Duquette, Acharya
Katrin Stelzel, Interim European Governing Body Member
Andrew Sacamano, Kasung Shastri
Sharon Owyang, Regional Director
Basia Solarz (Facilitator)