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Letter from the Kalapa Council

Letter from the Kalapa Council 

To the Shambhala Community —


We are writing to you in light of the recent allegations of misconduct within our community regarding Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche.


The Kalapa Council strives to be open, honest and forthright about what is happening within the Shambhala community. In our efforts to keep you informed, we want to share the following information:


  1. The Kalapa Council did not receive an advanced copy of the Buddhist Project Sunshine Phase 2 Report on May 24. These rumors are untrue.  All members of the Kalapa Council read this report for the first time on June 28 when it was publicly released. Further, the Council has never threatened Buddhist Project Sunshine or anyone else with legal action with respect to allegations of misconduct.


  2. The Kalapa Council takes the allegations of misconduct within our community very seriously. We are in the process of engaging a third-party investigator to review these allegations. Details regarding this will be shared next week.

  1. We are finalizing an agreement with An Olive Branch. This organization will serve as a third-party channel for victims of abuse to come forward with their stories. An Olive Branch will also assist with victim advocacy.

  1. We are also working with An Olive Branch to review our Care & Conduct policies. Again, we will confirm the process for contacting An Olive Branch with any allegations of misconduct early next week.


This is a challenging time for all of us.  Please take care of yourselves, your families, and fellow community members.


The Kalapa Council*

Josh Silberstein, Chair
Jane Arthur
David Brown
Wendy Friedman
Jesse Grimes
Adam Lobel
Robert Reichner
Christoph Schönherr