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Mipham's counsel Michael Scott attempts to undermine Andrea Winn's integrity and credibility.

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Update (08/24): Michael Scott, a lawyer for Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, responded to the Phase 3 report in an email to Tricycle, saying, “We are greatly disappointed that Ms. Winn has chosen to include the abuse of children to her list of accusations. As fits the pattern to date, the allegations are vague, unsourced and uncorroborated. If Ms. Winn has information about the abuse of a child, any child, by anyone, she should contact law-enforcement authorities immediately.” Scott also noted that the Sakyong’s public apology to “anyone who feels they have been harmed” sent out on June 25 “should not be misinterpreted as a validation of the accusations being advanced by Ms. Winn and her associates. The Sakyong categorically denies that he has ever participated in any activity that could be construed as a “sexual assault”, attempted or otherwise, sexual contact with minors, or any other criminal offence.” Scott declined to comment further “out of respect for the independent investigation.”