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Transition Task Force Introduction

The Transition Task Force Introduction

Dear Shambhala Community,

The Transition Task Force held its first Zoom meeting on Wednesday, August 1.

While we are just starting our work together and

have many unanswered

questions, we are writing to you now because transparency and community

involvement is important to us. We are in the process of setting up a website and

intend to be in weekly communication with you as our work progresses.



ing is a preview of who we are and what we will do.

We will send out a more

detailed introductory letter next week.


We Are

The Transition

Task Force is a group of seven people with one facilitator who are

responsible for appointing a one


year Interi

m Board and Process Team for

Shambhala. Debbie Coats,

an original Task Force appointee,

has decided to recuse

herself. Debbie explained her decision in this way:

In view of the allegations circulating on social media and the negativity that this is


ting towards myself and also towards the task force I am recusing myself from the

group with immediate effect. I feel that relating to the allegations is distracting me from

the work that is needed and is also obstructing the work of the task force.


ya Pema


role on the

Transition Task Force is to make

recommendations for and participate in the final selection of the Interim Board and

Process Team members.

Ani Pema also will be available for other key issues and

decisions that may arise.


e personal introductory information on each of us will come in our next letter.

In brief, our task is two




To Select and Appoint an Interim Board to serve for 1 year.

The Interim

Board will assume all legal and fiduciary responsibilities previously held by the

Kalapa Council for Shambhala USA and Shambhala Canada. Shambhala Europe has

a different legal structure, and it is currently in transition from the previous


rnance structure.


To Select and Appoint a Process Team.

Working in tandem with the Interim


the Process Team will

work with

the community

to develop an appropriate

and healthy governance structure for Shambhala world



The selection process will include input and recommendations received from the


What We Are Not:

We are not a board.

We are not a replacement group for the Kalapa Council.

We are not a leadership group.

We are not responsible for governance.

We are not responsible for developing a new governance structure.

What We Will Do:

The Task Force has a six


week appointment. During this time, we will:

Develop methods for receiving and evaluating community


wide input and

recommendations for Interim Boa

rd and Process Team members.

Meet at least once a week as a group.

Join in sub


committee meetings and work throughout the week.

Provide a forum or forums for communication and input.

Send weekly updates to the community and post our weekly meeting


Appoint members of a one


year Interim Board.

Appoint Process Team members

With answers to a few more questions, we will proceed to share next steps, which

will include recommendations for

initial criteria and desired qualifications for

Interim Board and Process Team


and the process for making your



have a short time to accomplish our tasks. We want the outcomes to match the

best aspirations of the community. Your patience, support, voices, and input will be

appreciated. You can contact us at

We are humbled and honored to help Shambhala begin to move forward toward

healing and transformation.


Ani Pema

Chödrön, Acharya


Hayashi, Acharya

Charlene Leung, Acharya

Suzann Duquette, Ac



Sacamano, Kasung Shastri


Owyang, Regional Director


Stelzel, Europe