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Letter To Dorje Kasung From Council of the Makkyi Rabjam

Letter To Dorje Kasung From Council of the Makkyi Rabjam

Dear Dorje Kasung,

We are writing to stay connected with you as Dorje Kasung, wherever you may find yourself within this tumultuous and provocative time for our community.

Those of us who were present at Magyal Pomra Encampment felt inspired to be together with Dorje Kasung family. MPE continues to be a container that can accommodate the breadth of experience we bring to it, as individuals and as a community. It was also very powerful to connect with the energy of Magyal Pomra, one of the protector representations most closely connected to Kasung practice, who has vowed to come immediately in times of great confusion to aid us.  Our practices of drill, schedule, chain of command, emptiness, posts, setting up, and taking down were powerful reminders to reconnect with our environment and our fellow practitioners. We are hearing similar expressions from many of you - that being together in person seems to be a powerful and restorative thing right now. If it feels appropriate and healthy for you, we encourage you to find opportunities to come together, whether it be for practice, for discussion, or simply to be together as family.

Now that MPE is finished and we are moving into the autumn, we as a CMR are in discussions about the best way we can be helpful at this point. We, like all of you, await the outcomes and guidance from the processes currently underway - related to the work of the Transition Task Force as well as the external processes related to specific incidents and the independent investigation. In the meantime, we want to make sure that you feel supported in your kasung practices and the services you are offering, and that you feel invited to share with us your thoughts, suggestions, and requests for support. We will send information about upcoming conversations as they are scheduled, and in the meantime please feel free to reach out to any of us directly.

We also want to address the CMR’s leadership, in light of recent allegations referencing the Kasung Kyi Khyap, Jesse Grimes.  We believe the specific allegations against him are false and unfounded. He was not present at the locations referenced during the times specified, and never at any time witnessed anything like what is alleged.

At this time, no complaints of any kind have been lodged against the Kasung Kyi Khyap and as such, he continues to hold his post. If at any point he is informed that he is the subject of a care and conduct investigation, he will immediately recuse himself from teaching and leadership roles, pending the outcome of those proceedings. As leaders and Shambhalians, all of us make that same commitment, and expect that any Dorje Kasung would hold to that standard.

Please continue to take care of yourself and each other. We also encourage you to continue with the practices that you feel most connected to and inspired to practice, individually and in groups. We have received many precious teachings and practices as Dorje Kasung. In times of great challenge it is especially important to ground ourselves in the precision, tenderness and the very heart of Dorje Kasungship. Through our practices we have the opportunity to simply be, including being the embodiment of protection and from within that place gain insight on how to proceed.

The Council of the Makkyi Rabjam