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Message From Osel Mukpo

Message From Osel Mukpo

To the Shambhala Community:

I know you are suffering greatly in this period of tremendous pain and turmoil in our sangha. I too am in pain, and I am worried and concerned about all of you and our community. I want to express wholeheartedly how sorry I feel about all that has happened. I understand that I am the main source of that suffering and confusion and want to again apologize for this. I am deeply sorry.

I am receiving many messages and am listening to your concerns. Yesterday I received a letter from the Acharyas requesting that I step back from teaching. I have decided to honor these requests and will continue to step back from my teaching and administrative duties in Shambhala for the foreseeable future.

I hope that doing so will allow for the community to heal and determine how Shambhala can manifest and organize itself in the future. As for myself, this time allows me the opportunity to continue a process of healing. I have received many suggestions and advice about how this can occur, and I am investigating these as possibilities. Truly understanding and processing what has occurred will take time. There is no quick fix. Therefore, I ask for your patience so that genuine healing and understanding can happen.

Even though I will not be engaged in the activities of Shambhala, I will be sending my love and support.

For those students who want to maintain a relationship with me, I will be available for contact and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I plan to stay connected by writing occasional messages and will be in touch with my Vajrayana students in the coming days. It is very sad and difficult for me to express this to all of you and I hope that doing so allows for each of us to find a way forward and that we can still use the teachings as a way of healing and inspiration.
With a sad and tender heart,
The Sakyong