As Dew, Reluctant

As dew, reluctant
to suspend, release
& surrender - waving
bleach sock pennants shou
ting "gravity, you win! you
win!" chuckled sleep-
lessness in our eyes & 
bloodlust on tongue,
dripped by accident into
fresh squeezed carrot juice.
Let's linger just so just
the same - on sawtooth
on precipice, a proffered hand
to remote horizon. I
pretend to own these
wild canyons, winding
through legs of dark sky. 
Yet here I long for you
& scoff the suffered
world. I am without
resource one - wonder
ing "Do we really hold
such infinite expanse? Is
meaning want to make
itself known with inquiry? 
Are my questions relevant?"
Meandering landscapes
abound, but somehow we
found this, my love. 
How certainly unreasonable.