Sense Perceptions From Our Trip To The Family Farm

  • The scent of my great grandmother's 1987 chevy S 10
  • Memories of cattle eating crab apples from my hands
  • Covey of quail scurrying up from wild plumb thickets 
  • The cold salt water of the north fork of the red river that stained my white clothes a ruddy brown swimming as a boy
  • Narrowly dodging a rattlesnake warming itself against the moss covered quartz boulders half way up grandad's mountain
  • My grandfather's newly made deer friends 
  • The taste of fresh cold water from our well
  • The ringing in my ear and smell of gunpowder after trying out the old Turk Mauser 
  • Sandy soil giving way to my boot 
  • The fallen windmill slowly turning and creaking in the breeze 
  • Picking grass burrs from between the pads of Luna's paws 
  • The prick of blood at the points of cotton seeds in hand 
  • Scent of stale vanilla and dust in the Prince Albert crimp cut long burning smoking tobacco jars that my great grandfather smoked and where I stored the money earned picking vegetables and selling them in town. 
  • The taxidermy bobcat atop the old tube television 
Prince Albert Crimp Cut Long Burning Smoking Tobacco 

Prince Albert Crimp Cut Long Burning Smoking Tobacco