Michael "Miguel" Walker. 

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"I was born and raised a son of the Texas high plains, where I learned how to mend fences with the best (and worst) of the remaining cowboys. When it came time to matriculate, I found a new home at one of the state's finest research universities, Texas State University, where I studied English, Archaeology, Philosophy, and Art. I've worked in a robotics laboratory, in the tech industry, in the music industry, and I am currently building my career in the building science field. I have experience helping organizations develop multi-market presences, including building international operations. I'm the head of business development and creative at a wonderful company called Positive Energy and I am co-creator/producer of The Building Science Podcast. I am a co-founder of The Humid Climate Conference, a board member of the Austin chapter of Passive House Alliance U.S., and am the chair elect of the AIA Austin Committee On The Environment, as well as one of the co-founders of The Building Science Philosophical Society. I am an avid meditator, runner, reader, and a proud progressive Texan. I also speak Spanish."


Feel free to ask a question. 

Example: Where did the name Sleepy Burrito Radio come from? 

I'm so glad you asked. My partner in life is a sleepy person who goes to bed just a bit before I do. Typically, I work on music in the evenings as the day winds down and, as you can imagine, I have to do so quietly so as not to wake her. Once I thought I had disturbed her sleep and asked if everything was alright, to which she replied, "I feel like a sleepy burrito." So from then on, I decided to name the time when I play music late in the evening, The Sleepy Burrito Radio Hour.